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girl_ontheroad's Journal

Kylie Julia James
20 September 1982
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  • girl_ontheroad@livejournal.com
Full name: Kylie Julia James
Birthdate: September 20th 1982
Age: 25
Maiden name: Mitchell
Hometown: New York, New York
Current Residence: Boston, Mass.
Personality: Nomadic, Self-sufficent, hard working, controlling, sarcastic
Hair color:
Eye color: Green
Parents: Kelly and Ryan Mitchell
Siblings: None
Significant Other: Teddy James
Best Friend: Lenny James
Nicknames: Jules, Ky, Lee, Waffle Cone, JJ, Sugar Cone (lots of ice cream references)

Kylie Mitchell was twenty four years old when her life really started. At least that's how she see it. Kylie grew up in a boarding school in the middle of London, teeming with life. So while she's not British, she does have a thick accent. She left her penthouse apartment in New York when she was 21, fresh from Dartmouth and tired of the life her parents had fabricated for her. Trust fund in hand she decided to travel the world. She started in foreign countries like Tibet, Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and so forth. Eventually at twenty three she decided it was time to see her native country in its entirety. Starting at the opposite end of the country from where she grew up Kylie started in Washington and went on her journey across the states. When she was twenty four she stopped in Boston, to see all the things she'd missed on family outings as a child. When she stopped arbitrarily in an ice cream shop that sat directly across from an intriguing porn shop she intended to look around in. She ate the best ice cream she'd ever put in her mouth, found the perfect dildo and met the most amazing guy.

Less than three months later Kylie was living with Teddy and his older (by a minute or something they're always arguing about it) sister Lenny and being ushered off to Vegas to get married in an Elvis chapel. Her parents were horrified and cannot stand Teddy or Lenny (but Lenny probably sends Mrs. Mitchell a new dildo every few months so she's not sure she blames her mother). She's completely in love, Lenny is possibly the best friend she's ever had and she hasn't thought about the life she could be living since she left new york.

She's always lived her life to the fullest so it was no stretch to buy out the building where the ice cream shop (oh yeah, Teddy owns it) and the Porn shop (that one's Lenny's) and set up a book store (her first love is books and writing) The Illiad, right next door to Lenny's shop.

But life is always a struggle. It wouldn't be life otherwise.